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Mission Statement:

The Marvell Cheeks, Jr. Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to assisting individuals obtain
certifications, licensing, and academic degrees that create viable opportunities for Health and
wellness in families, therefore, within our communities. Our goal is to collaborate with and
design substantial partnerships that provide financial and training resources that enhance
pursuit of students’ career goals. In short, our goal is to ensure that no deserving member of
our community be deprived of training or higher education because of a shortage of funds.

The Marvell Cheeks, Jr. Scholarship Foundation sees higher learning as a catalyst, an agent of
change for individuals, families and communities. Doors currently closed to those who lack
financial resources, and/or post-secondary education and training, will then acquire the
necessary credentials needed for success in their chosen careers.

The Marvell Cheeks, Jr. Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 as a memorial to Marvell
Cheeks, Jr. A community activist, Mr. Cheeks always remembered the importance of education.
During his lifetime, by example, he demonstrated the courage and strength it takes to be
successful, regardless of any adversarial, obstructive obstacles he faced. His life’s work was
dedicated to mentoring individuals who were trying to help themselves and better their

Scholarship Award Criteria
Scholarship applicants will submit the following:

  • Application

  • Transcripts

  •  Two Letters of Recommendation

  • Letter of Acceptance for Certificate or Degree Program

The selection criteria are the specific standards used to identify qualified applicants who
ultimately will be recommended.

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