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Marvell Cheeks Jr. Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Application Criteria

The Marvell Cheeks Jr. Scholarship is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that helps transform lives through mentoring and scholarship. We are seeking Detroit area citizens with an interest in mentorship, community and scholarship. Annual scholarships are awarded to individuals
seeking financial assistance in college, trade school, vocational programs. The ability to choose training options at institutions of higher learning will certainly enhance the probability of successful character and career development.

Recipients of the Marvell Cheeks Jr. Scholarship are motivated to be productive citizens
regardless of economic or disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal is unique in that it does not necessarily focus on accelerating students who are already college bound. Instead, we actively
search for average students who have exhibited the potential to go to college or an alternate higher learning environment, but need an extra push to reach a higher level of education.

We aim to “Bridge the Gap” for this select group in providing this award to help individuals reachtheir goals.

Eligibility Requirements

  • College Scholarship award – applicant must be: a candidate for college admission/current student, earning high school diploma or GED.

  • Trade/Vocational Training School award – provide interest in intended field of study and schoolof choice.

  • All applicants will be required to participate in at minimum two (2) community service projects.

  • Applicants are required to complete a 100-word essay on their community service involvement, goals for next level learning, and express a desire to be a productive member of our community.

Applications for Fall Semester 2024 Scholarships open February 1, 2024, and the deadline to submit is March 31, 2024. Awardees will be notified no later than March 15. Any Questions, please contact Jamila Swain directly at 313.551.9151.

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